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Junior Courses

What a great opportunity to introduce kids to scuba diving


To ensure the best recreation for all family members, we offer special courses for kids. Starting with the age of 8 there are special diving programs to give you the chance for the first breath under water.

Starting with the age of 10 you can do a course to receive an internationally accepted certificate, which allows you to dive with others or diving instructors.

Equipment is available, wetsuit, BCD, masks, fins for ages 8+.

All courses offered lead to PADI certification and the students are covered by the diving clubs insurance policies.


Bubblemaker (8-11 years old, max. 2 meters)

Are you 8 years or older and would like to play under water? Come with us and we will have a lot of fun! We will explain you a couple of things about diving first. After this we'll go together as real divers to make a dive in the pool. With several under water games we will show you how you can feel free as fish and to move around like the man on the moon!!



Junior Open Water course (10 to 14 years old, max. 12 meters)

A full certification course conducted over 4 days. It consists of study, 5 theory lessons, 5 pool lessons and 4 open water dives. At the end of the course you will be qualified to dive worldwide with a buddy or a dive professional until maximum 12 meters.

Junior Advanced Open Water course (12 to 14 years

old, max. 21 meters)

A 5 dive course includes 2 core dives, underwater navigation and deep dive, introduce you to new and exciting areas of exploration, while 3 elective dives of your choice complete the course. You have the opportunity to choose among some diving specialties such as underwater photography, multilevel diving, peak performance bouyancy, naturalist, search and recovery. To take part in this course you must be already qualified as an Junior Open Water Diver or equivalent and the maximum depth will be 21 meters.


Exclusive the PADI eLearning program.

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