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Discover Scuba Diving - 90 

This is a course for every person who is 10 years or older. With this program we give you a little theory and some training in the pool before processing to the open water for your first dive. Afterwards you can do some other dives with your experienced Instructors, maximum depth 6 meters.

Scuba Diver - 350 

The PADI Scuba Diver course is designed for those who do not have four days to spare for an Open Water Diver course, but who still wish to get dive certified. Upon completion of this course you can dive to 12 meters under the supervision of a PADI professional (DM or Instructor). The Scuba Diver course is conducted over 2 days, and includes 3 theory and swimming pool instruction prior to your two dives in open water. All dives are done under direct supervision of a PADI instructor. The PADI Scuba Diver course is excellent for the occasional 'holiday diver' and can be upgraded to the full PADI open water course at any PADI Dive Center at a later date making it very flexible and a great intro to diving.


Open Water Diver - 450 

A full certification course conducted over 4 days. It consists of study, 5 theory lessons, 5 pool lessons and 4 open water dives. At the end of the course you will be qualified to dive worldwide with a buddy or a dive professional until maximum 18 meters.


Advanced Open Water Diver  - 450 

A 5 dive course includes 2 core dives, underwater navigation and deep dive, introduce you to new and exciting areas of exploration, while 3 elective dives of your choice complete the course. You have the opportunity to choose among some diving specialties such as underwater photography, multilevel diving, peak performance bouyancy, naturalist, search and recovery. To take part in this course you must be already qualified as an Open Water Diver or equivalent and the maximum depth will be 30 meters.


Rescue Diver - 400 

The rescue diver course prepares you to be able to handle any diving incident you may encounter. Pool dives introduce you to the new skills needed to perform a successful rescue of yourself or a buddy. This is to be taken into open water where realistic scenarios are played out. To take part in this course you need to be an Advanced Open Water diver and EFR* certified.

*EFR Emergency First Response is required for the Rescue Diver Course. It helps you to learn how to perform CPR & first aid to divers and non divers.  This course is practical: it applies to diving situations including CPR & life saving techniques. Self rescue, Rescue management equipment usage including in theory.


Divemaster - 700 

To start the course you must be an Advanced Open Water Diver, a Rescue Diver, EFR certified, 18 years old, to have logged at least 40 dives before the course & in order to finish it you must have logged 60 dives and to be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months. It consists of study followed by eight exams covering all areas of diving, assessment and an internship, where you assist an instructor as they train various students at all levels.

This course is aimed to produce a responsible and capable Divemaster who can take charge of diving activities, assist an instructor in the training at diving centers all over the world.


Special Courses

Deep Diver - 2 theory lessons & 4 dives.

Search and Recovery - 2 theory lessons & 4 dives.


U/W Navigator - 2 theory lessons & 3 dives.


U/W Naturalist - 1 theory lesson & 2 dives.


Peak Performance - 1 theory lesson & 2 dives.


Digital U/W Photographers - 2 theory lessons & 2 dives.


Computer/Multilevel Diver - 1 theory lesson & 2 dives.

All courses exclusive the PADI eLearning program.

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